Space clearing creates a calm and harmonious environment in your home!

As you may have many questions about our space clearing for home or business, or our energy and spiritual healing, including remote work, please, see below.

  1. When/why do I need a house or business clearing?
  2. What’s happening?
  3. What do we do exactly?
  4. How do we do the work long distance/remotely?
  5. What happens during the clearing?
  6. What are negative entities?
  7. What are energetic implants?

There is also copied below my own article: “House Clearing Q and A” – which was published on the Natural Therapies WebPages in 2012.

When/why do I need a house or business clearing?

When your property is about to go on the market, have it cleansed and cleared as this means the energies will be lighter, softer, more peaceful and welcoming, which will make it much more attractive to your buyers.  We also bless the complete sale process and everyone involved, and ask for a fair price in Divine timing.

Before building construction commences; to cleanse and clear any residual energies from previous building/s, people and the land, and to bless the complete construction process.

Renovations can stir up or ‘release’ negative energies and entities that may otherwise have lain dormant, so it’s important to clear the land before the work starts.

Before you move into your new home or business premises, it’s important to clear away all the negative energies from previous occupants, so that the energies are neutral, clear and light.

When you are about to welcome a new baby into your home.

After separation or divorce it’s very important to cleanse and clear. We don’t want to completely remove the other person’s energy, just the negativity and negative emotions from all parties that may have accumulated in the building. This makes it easier for the remaining occupants to gently process their own feelings and move on.

Business clearings are just as important as house clearings. If something of a negative nature has gone on in the past in your building or office space, or on the land, then this can be detrimental to your business and your staff. It may have the effect of bringing out the worst in people; both your staff and your clients.

This can create stress, tension, anger, deceit, gossiping and even abuse. So a clearing and blessing will greatly improve the emotional state of your work force, which in turn creates a happy environment to work in, which then has the effect of higher productivity and a greater turnover.

Working from home may present additional problems in that you need to deal with stress in your home. So if you do have a home based business, then a clearing will be hugely beneficial for you; both for your family and your business. The business and office areas are included in the house cleansing, and your business is blessed. Regular clearing is highly recommended in this situation.

After illness or death, it’s important to release all the fear, sadness and stress etc from your space.

If you move in to a new home and begin experiencing sudden changes in your life, such as misfortune, divorce, change in temperaments such as arguments (where this may be a complete change from your previous home), children acting up or seeing things, poltergeist activity, ‘seeing things’, sickness, depression, losing jobs, bad luck, bankruptcy etc.

It’s possible to unwittingly pick up negative entities and bring them home with you. They can then follow you around for years, from house to house.   It’s important to get this dealt with as an unholy attachment will certainly drag you down and generally make a mess of your life.

Once a year it’s important to give your home a spring clean energetically. We often do this by having a clean-up of our yard and home of things we no longer want, but we usually neglect to refresh the energies in our homes at the same time.

If you or a loved one are in hospital, we offer a cleansing of the ward, the operating and recovery rooms, we bless any procedures along with the doctors and nurses and all staff involved.

If you have children or grandchildren in school, we offer a complete space cleansing for the whole school, we bless all the teachers and ancillary staff, and we complete a healing for everyone.

What’s happening

When we move into a home or business premises, we have no idea of the history, and this applies to the land, the whole building if you live in an apartment, and also to previous dwellings built on the land. Has there been violence, death, murder, abuse, a nasty divorce, addictions, illness or depression? These can all cause negative energies and emotions to run high which then permeates the actual structure of the building, the space and the land, often changing the ‘feel’ of the space.

This negative energy can especially be felt by young children and animals, and, depending on the severity, can also cause portals or dimensional tears. This can allow negative entities through from lower dimensions, which can then play havoc with people’s lives by exacerbating their negative feelings and emotions, making people scared or sick, or bringing bad luck. Portals can also be opened by people practicing the black arts, or even while mucking around with a Ouija board.

Some of the signs that you may have negative entities around are suddenly becoming irritable, angry, low in energy, sick, cynical or depressed, especially if this is not normal for you. Entities can also attach themselves to people and follow them around for years.

When a building is built on indigenous or spiritual ground, we need to ask permission of and make peace with the original owners; and sometimes there may be lost souls (ghosts) attached to the property. Lost souls are rarely nasty but can do things which can be very scary for you and your family!

What do we do exactly?

We use a unique combination of Energy, Spiritual and Theta Healing, along with guidance from Spirit to clear and cleanse your home or business premises, the land and your suburb/town of all lost souls, negative entities, negative energy etc.  We check for any spiritual indigenous activity which may be detrimental to life, along with intersecting ley lines, Hartmann lines, Curry lines and energy vortexes. And we check for any curses, psychic attack or evil eye on your property, and seal any dimensional tears, portals or openings.

We intuitively check for negative energy lines caused by EMF, EMR, WIFI, radio and TV waves, electrical energy etc, or underground water which may be negatively affecting you and your property. These days, owing to the huge increase in mobile phone usage worldwide and the mobile phone towers proliferating everywhere, we usually find these negative energy lines in peoples’ homes. These energy lines can be detrimental to your health, especially for young children. We can clear these effects for you and your family and advise you about permanent protection in our report.

Since 2016, we now place energy protection around electrical meter boxes and nearby mobile phone towers, electrical pylons and sub stations. We have found that this protection lasts about one year.

Once the land and buildings have been completely cleansed, we then re-energise by bringing in divine white light and blessing every space in your home or business premises; and all the occupants.  We also place protections around your property and at all entrances.

How do we do the work long distance/remotely?

Basically, we go into a kind of meditative state where we connect to our guides, the Archangels and Ascended Masters and the Creator-of all-that-is. In this way we are able to facilitate the healing and clearing work.

We begin by protecting ourselves, then we make our ‘connection’ to Spirit, then we can psychically or intuitively ‘see’ and ‘feel’ your home or business. We then can facilitate all the clearing and healing work.

Nicola Tesla and quantum science have proven how this works.

What happens during the clearing?

Whether you opt for a visit or a remote clearing, we set our positive intentions for the day, and light a candle.

If you decide on a remote clearing, you may like to light a candle. You also might like to meditate, or just sit, or read quietly. There are no ‘rules’ really, it’s entirely up to you.

Once we’ve completed the clearing of your home or business premises, we then do the personal spiritual and energy healing for everyone. This takes 15 to 20 minutes.

Again, what we do is listed in detail in our report.

While we are completing the clearing and healing, some people can feel us working. They may feel warm or tingly; and some people can feel the energy moving around. It depends on how sensitive you are. Animals and small children usually feel more than adults.

What are negative entities?

Negative entities have been created by humanity over eons of time and in many and varied ways.

Every time we have trauma in our lives, we may (subconsciously) take on new agreements, contracts, vows etc so that we don’t have to suffer in that way again. By doing this we are creating a negativity inside ourselves which, unless cleared, can stay with us until the end of our lives. Then, unless we clear it, we may take it with us when we cross over, and when we next incarnate we have to learn that lesson all over again.

People who commit atrocities or hurt others in any way also create this mass negativity and negative entities, so you can imagine how much negativity has been and is currently being created during wars, murders, violence etc around our world and over the centuries!

People who dabble in black magic, or people that attempt to open portals to other realms without the proper knowledge or training, often inadvertently open portals to lower realms, which can then allow negative entities to come through.

Houses where there has been a lot of negative energies ‘let loose’, such as where there has been assaults, murder, suicide, violence, arguments, hate, depression, pain and suffering etc will always create negative entities.  That’s why, when you move into a new home, it’s imperative to have it cleansed of any negativity and then to maintain peaceful energies within the home.

Negative entities usually reside in lower dimensions, but can come to us under certain circumstances. We can create a negative entity within us, or attract one to us, or to our home or work place.  That’s why it’s imperative to cleanse and protect our own energies every day, especially when we go out.

If there are lost souls attached to a property, then in our experience it seems to follow that there are always negative entities and dimensional tears.

The effects of negative entities on the home or business, whether they are attached to someone or not, can vary to quite a large degree but with all entities there will have been a loss of energy and an amplification of (particular) negative emotions. These energies affect the actual structure, so if you live in an apartment, for example, you can be affected by the energies in other apartments. That’s why we clear the whole building.

We are all responsible for our own energies.  So, if you dwell on and worry about the negativity from the past, you will only invoke it all again, and it’s possible to subconsciously ‘call in’ negative entities as they feed off negative emotions, especially fear; so keep your thoughts positive and in the present. Remember, we are the Creators of our own reality!

We can attract a negative entity just by thinking negatively as we go about our daily routines.  Or we can attract one to us if we have not protected ourselves.  Because our energy bodies can extend up to eight feet from our physical body, we are actually walking through other people’s energy bodies when we are in crowds; at the supermarket for example.  In this case it is very easy to pick up a negative entity from others, again, unless we are fully protected.

In this day and age there is a lot of fear and negativity in the world, due to the effects of the bad flu in 2019. All this fear brings in even more negative entities.

What are energetic implants?

Energy implants are prevalent within most, if not all, human beings. While receiving a healing, the removing of these energy implants tends to happen naturally within the general shifts of energy.

Some healers believe there is a highly sophisticated life form operating in the energy fields all around us. It is an ancient alien life force which is essentially controlling society and farming humanity for energy after having interfered with human DNA through genetic manipulation. The result is that this has slowed our evolution.

They have done this to ‘dumb-down’ and to limit us, so that we cannot so easily feel, intuit or know external distorting influences coming in through our energy field, and this is affecting the choices we make.

Other healers believe that implants can be placed within us by another person, or even by ourselves. This may have occurred in a past life. Often, if we suffer trauma of some sort, we make a vow so that we are not hurt again in the future. This can be in the form of an implant.

We are now being invited to heal, cleanse and evolve beyond this, especially now that our beloved Mother Earth is in the ascension process.  Our J-Seals, unnatural seals and implants removal covers this aspect.

House Clearing Q and A – Published on Natural Therapies Webpages

Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to practice house clearing?

I’ve always had an interest in ghosts, or lost souls since I was a child in the 50s. We lived in a haunted house and I would regularly be terrified by footsteps that would tread heavily all the way down the long hall to my bedroom door, then stop. I’d scream for my parents but they said they never saw anything. When I was older they told me the man who lived there before us had hung himself in a little room adjacent to mine.

I had an epiphany in 1994, and suddenly became very spiritually aware, and being extremely unhappy, and with zero self-esteem, I left my marriage in 1995 and started on my journey.

What training do you have?

In late 1995 I completed a 3 day workshop with Zoeros called ‘the Turning Point”, and in early 1996 I completed their 3 month course “Mastery and Service”.  Both these courses were psychology based and very confronting, but overall they were good for me.  It was during these courses and in the books I began to read that I discovered and became very interested in the body’s energy systems, and energy in general.

In 1997/98, I completed a 2 year long metaphysical and parapsychology course called “The Higher Self-Connection” then run by AAAP (The Australian Academy of Applied Parapsychology).  This course was amazing, as we did a lot of healing work on ourselves and on each other.  We also learnt house clearing during the second year.

In 1999/2000, I completed a 1 year ‘Spiritual Healing” course with Chiara College, which included a 3 day retreat and 40 hours of prac work.  Then in 2001, I completed their 1 year course in Metaphysics.

Both in the course work with Chiara College and with AAAP we completed extensive house and business clearings in groups of teachers and students. I really enjoyed these experiences.

Then in 2010, I discovered Theta Healing.  This, I believe, is an amazing modality and I have done some very deep healing work on myself since then.  I have completed their Basic, Advanced, DNA3 and Intuitive Anatomy courses.

In 2014 I completed Denise Linn’s ‘Space Clearing’ online course, which brought in some new ideas for me.

I’ve been practicing Spiritual and Energy healing and Spiritual and Energy House Clearing since 1998. The house clearing process has ‘evolved’ over the many years into what it is today. And still I’m guided regularly to make more changes. 

How long have you been active?

In 1998 I started the work with a friend. Then in 2001 I met my husband John and we’ve been doing the work together since then. He has also completed Metaphysical studies.

What equipment do you use in a clearing?

We work by connecting to the Creator-of-all-that-is or Universe or source, so it is not religious based, but spiritual and therefore encompasses all religions. We facilitate the work by using divine white light or energy from the Universe or Source, so we don’t use any equipment as such.

What would someone have to do to prepare for a clearing i.e. the client?

We do 2 types of clearing; 1) home or business via a visit, and 2) remote or long-distance work.

The only additional thing we need from our remote clients is the permission from everyone that is to receive a healing, along with further information about the property.

For visits, people can be just going about their usual business while we do the clearing. Of course, they are also very welcome to participate!

Often, with the remote/long distance work, we are doing the clearing while people are still asleep. This is a lovely way to do it we believe, as they can awaken to a different home, full of peace and harmony and light.

How long is a house clearing?

The clearing and healing work takes anything from 45 minutes to an hour for a unit or house with up to 3 bedrooms, or if the home has 4 bedrooms or more, this will take roughly 2 hours. If the people living there wish to also receive a personal 20-minute healing, then this is an additional 20 minutes for everyone.

What process do you follow?

We come into the home, have a chat with the occupants to explain our procedure, then we walk from room to room feeling and recording (for our report) what is happening in the home.

We then do a ‘general’ clearing, which is when we cross over any lost souls, deal with negative entities and seal all dimensional tears or portals to lower realms. Then we seal and cleanse and clear the space of all negativity, replacing this with vibrant positive divine white light.

This is followed by a clearing of the land itself, protecting the boundaries and checking for ley lines, energy lines (man-made), curses and water courses that may be adversely affecting the home or the people. Finally, we place a blessing on the home/business and all who live or work there.

After this, we check everyone’s energy systems with their permission and we perform a ‘mini’ Spiritual and energy 20 minute healing on everyone, ensuring their energies are left clean and refreshed, and we remove any negative energy attachments, or any curses from them.

Over the years I have been guided to do a lot more work on my clients, to the extent that I ask that it is given to then gently over a week or so, so that it does not impact on them too much during the day. This healing covers past lives and ancestral lines, so it can be a very deep healing on every level.

The ‘remote’ clearing is exactly the same, however we intuitively complete it. As we are the facilitators, and the Universe is doing the work, we find it very easy.

What space can I get cleared, i.e. only houses?

Any living or work space can be cleared. The land is also cleared. The energy from previous dwellings is also cleansed and cleared.  We also do work on schools and hospitals now.

What makes a house have these negative energies?

Many things can affect a home or workplace or the land, for example a death which results in a lost soul haunting the area. A lost soul is a person who has passed away experiencing some kind of trauma, such as an unexpected accident, a suicide, or where there is unresolved issues with another person or place and they become ‘stuck’ and stay here attached to a person or place.

Not all people who die become lost souls, the majority cross over to the light. It’s very important to cross over all lost souls so that they can continue on their soul’s journey. It’s also not good for Mother Earth.

Accumulated negative energy can affect and even permeate the very fabric of a building or the land. A murder is the most obvious, but negative emotions expressed in a building, such as hate, anger, rage, depression, illness and abuse are all examples of how negativity can affect a home or workplace.

When this has been extreme, it can open a portal or dimensional tear between ours and lower dimensions, allowing negative entities through which can then play havoc with people’s lives by exacerbating negative emotions etc. We can ‘feel’ this negativity during the clearing as a heaviness or coldness. It can be all over the building, or it can be worse in some rooms.

Do you have a typical customer?

Often families come to us as the children are more sensitive to what is going on in the house and can be badly affected. I once had an urgent call from a truckie who was planning to sleep overnight in his truck and leave his family to it if it didn’t stop!

We complete many clearings for people who are having difficulty selling their home, and also for people who have just moved in to a home. We have done a lot of  Real Estate agent work over the years.

Businesses can also benefit, both in productivity, efficiency and staff morale if all negativity is removed and the space cleared. Businesses where clients are inclined to ‘dump’ or talk about their woes are very prone to accumulating negative energy.

You are able to work anywhere in the world – is this an over the phone consultation?

We usually organise the time and day for the clearing and healing via email or over the phone, but while we are completing the work we are working intuitively. This is a very quiet and meditative process.

After all jobs are completed, visits included, we email a written report detailing what we have found, both in the building, the land and with the people. Clients often contact us to discuss their situation after they have read our report. We also send them some information detailing how they can keep their homes and workplaces and themselves energetically clean and protected after we have finished. I also like to send them some information on the benefits of meditation, and on saying affirmations, and I’m happy to guide them through these processes.

People have drawn this experience to themselves for a reason. I feel that with the shift that is currently happening on the planet more and more people are being ‘woken up’ to commence their healing journeys and to release their negative emotions and beliefs from their past. With this in mind I also offer a one-on-one ‘ascension’ Healing session.