Remote clearing can be completed anywhere in the world as distance is not a problem

Remote clearing is as effective as being there with you as we connect with the Creator of All-That-Is to facilitate the work, and the effect is instantaneous. Contact us for more details.

Please complete this form and we will email you within 24 hours.

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See below for more information regarding what happens when you accept our quote!

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    Making a Booking

    This unique house clearing service completed via long distance/remote globally is priced very competitively, especially the mini spiritual and energy healing!

    How do I make a booking?

    Simply complete our contact page, letting us know what service you are interested in.

    What happens then?

    We will send you an emailed quote along with important information and suggested times and days to complete the house clearing or personal healing for you.

    When can we do the work?

    We can do the work on a weekday or weekend morning.  We reach a mutually agreeable time via email or phone.

    If you are in a different time zone to us, then this can often work to your advantage, as we can do the work while you are asleep.

    long distance clearing

    What do we need from you to complete the work remotely?

    For a long distance or remote clearing, all we need to complete the work is:

    • your first and last name
    • your address
    • your mobile phone number
    • If you have your own business and can claim for ‘cleaning’ on your tax, then we can invoice you.  We would then need the name of your business and the address.
    • Do you have a power station (small or large) or mobile phone tower nearby?
    • first names of everyone to receive the 15-20-minute personal healing and the age of any children and teenagers
    • We also need the permission of those we will be working on.  For children 17 and under the permission of one parent is fine.  Without permission, the healing work is not as powerful.  For those older than 17, just ask them if they would welcome a distant healing.  If they say ‘yes’ to you, then that is all we need.
    • The first names of those to ONLY receive an unconditional love healing from the Creator. (These are the people who do not want or do not know about the 20-minute personal healing.) These people will receive an unconditional love healing from the Creator and this is accepted regardless of their permission or knowledge.

    What happens during a house clearing?

    While the house cleansing is being completed, it’s nice if you can sit quietly in a contemplative frame of mind.  You may like to light a candle. You might like to meditate, or just sit, or read quietly.  You may also be out of the house. It’s entirely up to you.

    After the property has been cleared, you should notice a big difference in the ‘feel’ of the place. Some people can feel the energy moving around during the clearing as well. It depends on how sensitive you are. Animals and small children generally feel more than adults. Afterwards, some people feel their home feels lighter, both in energy levels and in physical brightness! Cold rooms will feel warmer, and some people have even reported their home or a particular space feels bigger! If you have a problem with a particular room, you will usually notice the difference straight away.

    If your home is on the market, along with our usual blessing, we bring down positive energies including the feelings of welcoming, warmth, attractiveness, peace etc into the home to make it feel even more attractive to buyers. We also bless the complete sale process.

    What happens after the house clearing work is completed?

    When we have completed the house clearing, we email you a report detailing what we felt in the home and detailing the work we have done, along with two attachments; one document listing procedures you can use yourself to keep your home energetically clean and a second document explaining how to keep your own energy system clean and how to protect yourself.  We also give you suggestions for moving forward with your life, to maintain a positive outlook and to raise your energy vibrations.

    If you would like help with affirmations, we can send you information explaining the importance of affirmations and give some examples for you.

    We need to be responsible for our own energy systems and these documents will explain how, and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have; about the house clearing or the personal spiritual and energy healing work we have done for you.

    Disclaimer: Any and all services provided by Healing Places are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure illness or disease; nor is it to be interpreted in any way as a substitute or replacement for professional medical, surgical, psychiatric or psychological care or treatment.