House & Business cleansing / clearing

house cleansing

We specialize in space or house cleansing and clearing for your home or business.

We offer global solutions by combining a house cleansing & clearing with a personal spiritual healing for you, your family, your home and your work place.

Our cost for a long distance/remote house or business clearing is AUD $150.  Please contact us for a quote if you would like us to visit you, letting us know where you live.

We work to cleanse and clear all negativity and negative entities, cross over lost souls and assist you to live and work in a serene and harmonious environment by bringing in beautiful sacred positive and loving energies from the Divine.  Below are some reasons why you may need us:

  • Is something in your home or office frightening you?
  • Do you have fearful children or pets?
  • Does your space feel stale, cold, heavy, sad, oppressive or scary?
  • Do you sense, hear or see ghosts?
  • Do you think your house or business is haunted?
  • Do you have poltergeist activity?
  • Has there been a sudden change in your health and well-being, especially since you moved in?
  • Are you having trouble selling your home or business?
  • Have you just moved in and things are just ‘not quite right’?
  • Are you feeling down, or is your ‘self talk’ negative? 

These could all be symptoms of how negative energy can affect your space. Houses and workplaces ‘hold’ this negative energy until house cleansing has been done. Even if you are moving into a newly built home, the negative energies of a previous home can affect you or there could even be problems within the land itself.AA pic WP house cleansing2

We create a beautifully peaceful, healthy and vibrant environment for you, which is very important for your general well-being.

After the house cleansing / clearing we will provide you with detailed report, and techniques to keep your space cleared.