Remote or long distance clearing

What is Distance/Remote Clearing and Healing?long distance clearing

We offer global intuitive remote or long distance clearing and healing for you.

As a healer, remote or long distance clearing is a form of healing sent through time and space by our intention instantaneously which is received and positively affects you, and your space. You don’t have to be physically present to receive this form of healing.

Long distance clearing – How does it work?

This healing is possible because, as Spiritual and Energy Healing practitioners, we can ‘feel’ and assess your home and your energy bodies easily and at any time, as long as we have your permission. As healers we are accessing a deep, or ‘waking dream’ state which allows us to go outside time and space.

As mentioned on our tab: The Science of Energy, Vibration and Love, what healers and shamans have known for centuries, science is now just beginning to understand. For example, Quantum physics has revealed that time is not fixed, which means everything is happening at once, and even your past can be altered. Nassim Haramein has proved scientifically that we are all connected energetically with one another and with the Universe; that we are all one.

Remote or long distance clearing and healing works just as well as healing in person. We find it easier to focus and facilitate this work as there are no distractions for us. And as we are connecting to and invoking The Creator of All That Is, the Ascended Masters and Archangels to complete the work, our own beliefs are not getting in the way.


What are the Benefits of Long Distance / Remote House Cleansing?

  • It doesn’t matter where you live
  • The work is completed in exactly the same way as if we were there; in fact we are there intuitively
  • We can usually schedule an appointment more quickly
  • More convenient times and days for you
  • If you’re in a different time zone to us, we can often do the work while you are asleep, which can be quite powerful
  • It’s miles cheaper for you as there is no travel time charged
  • Complete anonymity; no-one else in your home or work place needs to know
  • We are doing the house cleansing and spiritual and energy healing work in a meditative state in a dedicated room at the time of the day when our own energy levels are high, ensuring our intuitive senses are at their very best for your healing and for your benefit
  • We’re not stressed from driving
  • We have no interruptions or distractions whatsoever while completing the work


Remote or long distance clearing and healing is very effective, and it can certainly change your life for the better!


Jenny facilitating a long distance or remote clearing in her dedicated space.