Spiritual & Energy Healing

We offer a unique, intuitive and thorough energy and spiritual healing for you.

You can choose between the following unique personal healing options:

  1. ‘Mini’ 15-20 minute energy healing at the same time as your space clearing and costs AUD $50 and covers you and your whole family!
  2. One hour ‘foundational’ energy and spiritual healing – AUD $150
  3. One hour healing session for women who have been assaulted or abused – AUD $150

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We have discovered over the last 20 years while we have been doing this work, that it is extremely beneficial to use our combination of house clearing and  cleansing along with a personal energy and spiritual healing to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

spiritual and energy healing

This is a unique and enlightening service for you as healing occurs on a very deep level.  We take the healing down to the cellular, DNA and the atomic level and all the spaces in between, as well as all your past lives from the very first moment you came into existence.

How can an Energy and Spiritual Healing Help you?

Energy and Spiritual Healing assists with a wide variety of physical, mental, and emotional ailments because it works with your body’s natural capacity for self healing. We assist you to heal on every level: your physical body, your energy/ light bodies, your aspects, (e.g. your inner child, your ego, your soul), your cells, your DNA, your ancestral lines and past lives.

The Spiritual Healing and Energy Healing provided at the same time as your house clearing, and our two 1 hour healing sessions include the following:

  • Removal of negative entities and all attachments
  • Energy and Spiritual Healing, cleansing, removal of negative thought forms, emotional pain, negativity and all negative energies
  • Energy system re-aligning, balancing, repair work
  • Awakening and integration of all 13 earthly and spiritual chakras
  • Earth Star and Transpersonal Point realignment, healing and balancing
  • You will receive an unconditional love healing from the Creator-of-all-that-is.  This is not an emotion, but an energy field of love, hope and peace
  • Cord cutting from current life and all past lives
  • All curses and or psychic attack that has been sent to you in this life or in past lives will be pulled and transmuted
  • All fear, trauma and suffering, especially that related to the humanity consciousness’ fear and memories of the end of the world are pulled from every cell of your body, from your energy systems, from your DNA, from your past lives and from your ancestral lines
  • Raising your vibration to the highest possible level for you
  • Planting the seed of awakening within you, so that you are aware of your Divinity and the Creator Spirit within you

If you decide to have the 1 hour ‘Foundational’ Healing session, then a lot more work at a very deep level is completed for you; in addition to the above work.  This results in a powerful physical, energy and emotional healing and shift for you; particularly at your Soul level.

When you give your permission for a healing, you open yourself up to divine healing energy, which can bring your life back into complete balance.

As practitioners we connect directly with our Creator Spirit or Universe/Source energy to facilitate the healing and clearing work.

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