Space cleansing and personal healing completely changes the energy for you, your family and your home and business. We are very grateful for the wonderful testimonials we have received over the years for our house cleansing and healing work.  Thank you everyone! 🙂

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Thank you so much Jenny I feel refreshed and light.  It was a beautiful time, felt like 5 minutes but it was over an hour.  Wow!!!!  My son said; “Finally, you were on the phone forever; now take me to soccer quick!”  I’m so glad I contacted you so many years ago.  ❤️   I LOVE YOUR WORK Jenny, and we are blessed to have you in our lives.” ~~ M.M Melbourne VIC ~~ long distance/remote healing

“I have been feeling  a lot clearer since you did that beautiful healing work on the house and family.  My heart has opened up again and I’m feeling so much more compassion, and having a lot more bursts of productive energy allowing me to take the action necessary to move to the next part of the journey. So thanks so much for that.” ~~ H.M. Melbourne VIC ~~ long distance/remote house clearing and healing

“I recommend Jenny to everyone I know who is requiring a house clearing. I first contacted Jenny when a house we were attempting to purchase fell through under very strange circumstances. The house was over 700 years old and had a very dark history.  However, it had the location and the water rights to produce hydro power, which was very important to me and my family. Jenny cleared the house and the land and the purchase was successful. She then did a complete clearing and healing for me and my family, including the removal of some dark curses, and I felt a weight lift off of my shoulders. She then cleared the canal, which also had a very ugly history, and the steps toward water rights, operating rights and building rights were quickly achieved”. ~~ B.B – France ~~ long distance/remote house clearing and healing

I’ve known Jenny and her amazing work for many years now.  She’s helped with clearings for all that are dear to me including myself, my home and clinic many  times over the years.  Passionate and easily approachable you can ask her anything before a clearing and shell happily oblige.  Love your work Jenny, thank you. ~~ T.S. Sydney  NSW~~ long distance/remote house clearing and healing

“About a week or so after the clearing and healing, the nerves simply left me and the peaceful feelings I have now came over me. I feel calm almost all the time. I feel like my efforts and my results really are not related and I feel happy instead of conflicted about doing my work on the inside instead of rushing around and obsessing about the financial picture. I am suddenly more myself again, and feeling like I can believe the things I think I believe. I feel like I have finally let go of the reins and giving it over to God which is exactly why I bought the business in the first place. As an act of faith and affirmation that prosperity is possible for me without me having to struggle and work excessively.” ~~S.L. Sydney NSW ~~ long distance/remote business cleansing and healing

How to Turn Your Home into a Wellness Sanctuary – Blog by Melissa Ambrosinihttps://melissaambrosini.com/  Next up we had an energy clearer — Jenny from Healing Places — come in to evaluate the energy in the house and clear any bad, negative energy that was present from previous owners. She also did a clearing on myself and Nick. This allowed us to let go of any negative energy we may have been carrying and to move into this new space with clear, loving energy. – Bondi Beach, Sydney NSW ~~ visit clearing and healing

“Thank you so much Jenny; the house feels so much lighter and so do I. I have a sense of resilience that I haven’t had for months now and really appreciate being able to get support for that.” ~ A. S. Freshwater, Sydney NSW ~~ visit clearing and healing

“Thank you for the clearing and the personal session. I did sleep very well that evening, probably like never before. I have also felt more at peace and happy. My voice and personal attitude is very positive and I feel like I am starting to regain some of my old self. In regard to the home it does feel fresh and nice to live in again.  The children have been playing in their room again; I cannot believe it. I did assess the fact after; they hadn’t played in that room for ages. The home feels warm as if it has a glow and a special light in it”. ~~M. M. Taylors Lake, VIC ~~ long distance/remote house cleansing and healing

“Thank you so much for the healing!  I really appreciate all the time and effort you have put into the high dimensional healing you offer! As a healer — out of all of the healers I have worked with — you are the most professional, and even the most powerful! Thank you for helping Lightworkers and Starseeds heal, so we can all raise the vibration on the planet together. Rock on! You are the healer of healers! Every time you heal me and my son, I make a LOT of money, so I cycle it back to you!” — J’Tariah En Ra El of www.twinrayhealing.com —California, USA ~~ long distance/remote clearing and healing

“Thanks so much for taking the time to come and see us. I can’t thank you enough. I actually feel like my old self again. I feel amazing! My friends at work even commented that I had my mojo back and they had no idea what was going on at my place! My husband has also noticed the difference.  It’s hard to believe that something so unfathomable can have such an impact on you. Now that it’s gone I felt like I was carrying it around on my back, it was such a burden!  Please thank everyone involved, I will be recommending you if I ever come across anyone that needs help. Thanks!” ~~ Shannan, Sydney NSW ~~ visit clearing and healing

“We are all feeling great today and the energy is amazing. I have not been out of the house but my daughter stayed out last night and when she got home this morning as soon as she walked thru the door said; “Wow! This feels so good in here!” So again many thanks to all you light & love workers!  After 5 days the house still feels amazing. I am sleeping much better now. You have no idea how happy I am that our house is ok now. I have inner peace now. It was affecting me so much. I don’t feel so overwhelmed and I feel more creative. I am so so grateful I can’t thank you enough.  ~~ A.K. Coffs Harbour NSW ~~ long distance/remote house cleansing

“Thanks for the wonderful healing experience, Jenny.  It has brought to light some of the areas in my life that have been weighing me down unnecessarily.  With your help and guidance, I am now looking at things differently and feel so much lighter and happier, and I feel that the weight on my shoulders has been lifted! I highly recommend having a session with Jenny”. ~~ S.P. Sydney NSW ~~  long distance/remote healing

Thank you so much for supporting me during my dark night of the soul in 2012. You truly lifted me in ways that were and are exquisitely heavenly! Love and Light. ~~K.B Adelaide SA ~~ (long distance/remote healing) 

“Thank you for the healing you gave me.  The insight you showed and the work you did gave me the best nights’ sleep I have had in a long time.  Thank you. A very grateful client.”  ~~ B.S. Sydney NSW ~~ (long distance/remote healing) 

“Jenny is very skilled and sincere in this topic about house clearing, negative energy, spirits and entities. She provided extensive examples of her work to support individuals and businesses and the positive effects of ‘house clearing.  A really pertinent topic and so beautifully and humbly presented without power or ego.  Well done Jenny.”  ~~K. D. Sydney ~~ speaker

“Thank you for your amazing work! I am so blessed having you come here.  I am feeling I am on the mend.   Even my 3 year old son is much happier and bouncing thru the place now! And LIGHT has come in to my relationship and all in the house!  I can feel the difference. Even start liking being here.  AND when I slept yesterday afternoon in the little sun-room – it was rather peaceful!”  ~~ C.P. Bondi Beach, Sydney NSW  ~~ visit clearing and healing

“Dear Jenny, many thanks to you for visiting the house yesterday and working on removing the lost souls and the negative energies, I am most grateful for your time, wisdom and energy. Also, thank you for the comprehensive report; it is very interesting to read back over your findings! Best wishes.” ~~ C. T. Ryde, Sydney  NSW ~~ visit house cleansing


 “I can’t actually thank you enough Jenny. Such difficult times are lightened so much by your compassion and healing light. You play such an important role in this world. So wonderful to have you in it.” ~~R.W. Perth, WA ~~ long distance/remote house cleansing and healing

“Hi Jenny…thanks so much for the cleansing of our house….I don’t know if am dreaming or what but I already feel a difference…let’s say fresh and clear! Thank you for your time and for sending a report so quickly. Your report is amazing and definitely we will start doing positive things for ourselves to boost our energy levels. Again Jenny, thank you so much!” ~~ K.P. South Guildford WA ~~ long distance/remote cleansing and healing

“Thank you so much for the house clearing and personal healings. I feel so good, so much lighter and less moody, and I’m sleeping better. I feel less sad and bitter and more at peace with the past. My husband and son are also much happier, and we are all getting along so much better. Thanks so very much!” ~~ T.M. Redbank Plains QLD ~~ long distance/remote cleansing and healing